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Whether you know Brian and Wendy well or you only know them in passing, you’re visiting this page because you care about them. And right now, they need your help.

On the evening of Sunday, June 10, Wendy Minter went into labor thousands of miles from home and nearly three months ahead of schedule. Brian and Wendy’s daughter, justifiably named Elliott Valiant Starling Minter, was born in Cancun, Mexico at two-and-a-half pounds to two very frightened, very displaced, but very brave parents. 

After receiving excellent care at the hospital in Cancun, Elliott and Brian were Medivac-ed to Miami Children’s Hospital in Florida. Wendy followed two days later after recovering from her surgery. Elliott still has many hurdles ahead of her—she is on a breathing tube and feeding tube, and is living in an incubator—but she has already shown herself worthy of her name. She grows stronger every day and, according to Brian, “kicks her legs to say hello” whenever he sits down beside her.

Honestly, this is the best possible scenario in a crazy, crazy, crazy situation, but, given this high level of craziness, they very much need all of our help right now. Not only are Brian, Wendy, and Elliott far from home and likely stuck there for a while, but Elliott’s very much unexpected emergency and ongoing medical expenses are sure to be far more than Brian and Wendy can handle on their own. 

By all accounts—Brian and Wendy’s included—Miami Children’s Hospital is peerless in their unflagging care of Elliott and the other children they are looking after, but the kind of service they provide often falls outside the bounds of most insurance coverage. Wendy and Brian have very good insurance, but this is the kind of situation that no one ever envisions having to endure. With the potential for an extended stay in Miami as Elliott grows stronger and stronger, the medical bills and many other expenses are sure to prove formidable, even with the best insurance coverage and deepest of pockets. 

So please. Give. To your friends and ours; to two people who found themselves thousands of miles and months away from where they expected to be when this happened; to two of the best people we’ve ever known or hope to know. As is always the case with this kind of thing, no donation is too small and every gesture will surely be appreciated by Brian, Wendy, Elliott, and the hundreds of friends that little girl has who are just waiting to meet her. 

Brian and Wendy want to make sure it’s mentioned how very, very generous PR Newswire has been to them (Wendy’s current and Brian’s former employer)—providing Medivac transportation for the baby to Miami and other, very much needed support—and to let everyone know that, in the event that they receive more gifts than are required to pay for expenses directly related to Elliott’s care, they will be donating them to the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Donations are being made through PayPal, which routes directly to Brian and Wendy’s bank account, and, for those who haven’t used PayPal before, it’s entirely secure and you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate most amounts—PayPal can charge your credit card just like any other online merchant. (Note: we’ve found that, for larger amounts, PayPal’s security protocols may not let you donate as a guest and you actually may need to register a PayPal account with the card, which is free and, again, secure.)

To donate, click here or on the donate buttons. Thank you all so much.

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    Whether you know Brian and Wendy well or you only know them in passing, you’re visiting this page because you care about...
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